MISFIT Vapor 2

The MISFIT VAPOR 2 SMARTWATCH is one of those products that I think is hard to fully describe… short of writing a mini novel on it… but since I know for sure thats not a novel anyones going to want to read… the following is my best effort to give the 5 cent tour of this very lovely product… without inducing most of you to drop off into sleepyville as a result of taking it in… here goes/first off I say… in the overcrowded marketplace of “smart watches”… it stands apart by offering an astounding number of stylish and dramatic variations in materials and looks to CHOOSE from… yup… the designers/creators at MISFIT clearly understand the saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”… AND made sure to put on offer ALL the elements a buyers needs… to customize and create the look thats just exactly what they will be happy to see on their wrist… when they do the VARIETY OF THINGS this baby will put AT their FINGERTIPS..

so lets list the biggies on what that looks like… AKA… what this watch can “be do for you”…

1.) User friendly redesigned built-in heart rate tracking,

2.) Standalone GPS displays run and activity routes, metrics and stats,

3.) Pay with your watch using Google Pay,

4.) Standalone Phone Free Music Player +smart notifications and alarms,

5.) Allow you to do all this while splashing around…* of course no diving with this into the Marianna Trench for the “extreme amongst us” *… but clearly very practical its designed to be swimproof in shallow water,

6.) Its got an all day battery life,

7.) Compatibility with IPhone and Android phones… Is it perfect? Well thats something each customer who buys and wears it will naturally conclude in their own way… AS FOR ME (the smaller 30 mm sized) is A GREAT LOOKING, HANDY DANDY, EASY PEASY, USER FRIENDLY LIL FRIEND… which I am very glad to put ON MY WRIST EVERYDAY!

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