A Glamorous 2018

A Glamorous 2018 Everyone!

Fireworks are blasting everywhere; It’s a whole new year! I love creating new year resolutions but I am the best at avoiding them. The most important goal I have this year is to accomplish all of them.


To start off this year, my number one priority is to start writing / blogging with the goal to do things my own way. It has been my forever goal to do this, so there is no time like now.


I am surrounded by people who are learned bookworms (my mom, my sister, my dad and my boyfriend). I always wanted to read but I usually end up falling asleep after a few pages, no matter how exciting the novel. Moving forward, I have to be more focused or drink a triple shot cafe before cracking pages.


I work out every night six times a week for 45 minutes, still I am not satisfied. I need to work out way more and harder, especially on the days I would rather stay put!


My goal is to eat healthier without that meaning of the monotony of tasteless, bland and dreary meals. Also, to drink more water with a smile on my face because the importance of staying hydrated is hard to overstate.


I want to learn more about arts.  My boyfriend is a noted sculptor, designer, and jeweler; It just doesn’t feel good that I am not right up to speed on what he does and loves.


Fashion is the frame we ladies put around the paintings we are. I think of all fashion as a sort of packaging that defines you, and the way you want to present yourself to the world.  I aspire to know more about fashion. While some might say it’s a subject of fluff and frivolity, I say that’s missing the point.


I wish to learn how to drive.  Having a car nut as my partner has made me much more aware of how fun and exciting it can be to skilfully jam gears and give gas round a tight corner or up a switch back mountain road, especially in a machine that’s built for speed and performance.  Yes, it’s fun to ride shotgun, and once I get my license I will surely enjoy steering too!


I must visit my doctor for a check up.  The thought of it already bored me, but it’s absolutely necessary to make it a yearly routine.


I need to learn how to say no if I do not like what’s being pushed on me.

Looks like it will be a busy year for me.  It will be fun to write about my progress on these ambitious goals that I have set for myself.  I can feel a productive year ahead of me.  Stay tuned!

All the best,


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  1. It’s so nice to see people that have new goals for the new year. I for one takes so much pleasure in seeing people evolve into a better form of themselves.
    Good luck beautiful!

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