Som Sleep

Insomnia is the worst. I think anyone that has experienced it would agree… so that’s gonna be PRETTY MUCH everyone that is reading this… YUP WE ALL KNOW THE DRILL… counting sheep… or watching weird late night infomercials flogging get rich quick schemes OR turbo charged fruit blenders OR LEAVING THAT N walking around the house/hotel room like a restless ghost counting the minute n hours till breakfast time.

Whether the up all night comes from a tough stressed out day at work…or as a result of jetlag or simply because you drank a stong cup of java later than made sense… its all the same bottom line… Insomnia is just awful and boring… to be avoided at all costs

Yup and if yah suffer a sleepless night like that… the fun will just start in the morning… and pretty much no amount of fluffing and primping…will overcome the sleepy eyed pale and drawn out look staring back from the mirror… as you get it together to meet what’s coming in your exhausting day ahead.

Happily boys and gals the good news here is…there’s a cure for this kinda hurt… so if the zzz’s are elusive… its nice n good to have a can of Somsleep on hand… to bring the balance back. To do that simply guzzle a can of their nice tasting, drug free and non habit forming drink… then within 30 minutes tops…expect the sand man to drop by and gently introduce drowsy you to pillow and bed… for a good night of restful downtime n dreams…

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