Sugar Smart Box

Show me a girl that says she’s not often thinking and worrying  about keeping or slimming her shape… and I will show you a gal who won the lottery ticket in the gene pool draw (yes once in a blue moon yah meet one of those never gain an ounce lucky duckies) OR one that keeps her “battles with the bulge” a private matter… to be honestly discussed only with herself.

My reality is… I am unfortunately not one of the former… (gotta work pretty hard to hold back the pounds)… and gladly not one of the latter either… yup like most all reading this I have to work at it… AND have always thought it smart to learn from the advise of my sisters fighting the same kinda “bottom line”… THEY (both those tawking science and old wives tales) say keeping trim takes both sensible eating habits AND a regular routine of exercise… surprizingly the details of the eating part are far more important than the gym part… ever heard the sayin… ”you are what you eat”… well nothing could be more true… and since thats so… its also a sad fact that the most all the best most addictive snacks… that whisper sweet seductive nothings at cha when you spot em and desperately try to walk by… are almost always the worst zillion calorie per pack or serving variety… SO THATS WHY… a line of goodies like this… that can let you weather a cheat day… or a couch potato netflicks crunch n munch time out… without feeling like you’ve been a real Benedict Arnold to YOUR butt… is such a GREATTTTTT thing to find… these snacks are satisfying and good for you too… thats HUGE… but not the kinda huge you need to fight off on the elipical…

So maybe try getting with this monthly subscription plan and then sit back and relax… knowing every month you will get your box full of always healthy and great tasting snacks… exactly the kind that satisfy the cravings but without the indulgence leading to any button n zipper popping dramatics.

Here’s what in my July box
– Eat Me Guilt Free Cake
– Epic Jerky Chicken Bites
– Fat Snax Peanut Butter Cookie
– Good Dee’s Chocolate Snack Cake
– Just The Cheese Aged Cheddar
– The Gilded Nut Pistachios
– Flow Infused Water

Happy low sugar & low carb snacking!

All the best,

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